I blew my time outta the water!

So I checked my time last night and I did the entrire climb in 18 minutes, 30 seconds!!!! Holy crap! I was pushing for coming in at 24 minutes!!! That’s 52 floors, 104 flights, 1,197 steps all the way to the top in 18 minutes, 30 seconds!

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I did it! I finished the race!

So today was the event! Fight For Air Climb (formerly Climb California), 52 floors, 104 flights of stairs, 1,197 steps to the top of the B. of A. building.  I met the girls at the Montgomery Bart station around 10am and we walked up to the event.  Our wave time was 10:45, so we had to line up at 10:30.

The group warm up was chaotic – the music was too loud and I could barely hear the lead trainer.  So I ended up doing my own warm ups.  At that point, I started psyching myself out the closer it got for us to get to the “starting line”.  Earlier in the morning I drank a ton of water because I didn’t want to be dehydrated on this climb.  (That would suck having leg cramps on floor 20!!)  Anyways, with all the water I drank (and of course my Greenberry Shakeology with orange juice, blended with peaches) I had to pee!  Well, I felt like I had to – but I decided that it was nerves.  I was nervous because this was a big deal. No it wasn’t a marathon, I wasn’t running 26 miles.  I was only climbing 52 floors, 104 flights and 1,197 steps in a stairwell (that by the way got stinky the closer you got to the top).  But still, I was nervous.

Anyways, at the starting line at 10:45, we had to wait a couple of minutes for the group ahead of us to clear out.  Finally – we were let loose!  We only stayed together as a group for the first couple of flights, but R. took off.  She’s been training for a fitness body building competition, so I knew she would kick my ass in the stair climb.  After the first rest station, T. took off while I kept my pace and C. was close behind.

When I hit floor 10, I thought, what the hell.  I could be at home, sitting on the couch watching tv, or out for a walk along the Embarcadero.  Why the hell did I do this again?   What is wrong with me?  And where the hell are those cute fire fighters/paramedics at anyway??? HELLO! I may need some help here in a few! =)

Somewhere in the middle, (I can’t remember which floor) I decided to pick up my pace.  Well, ok, I tried to pick up my pace.  It helped listening to music while doing the climb.  Though, maybe next time I wont have songs with a fast beat?  (Try keeping step to the beat, while climbing stairs…)  I had to slow down because it felt like my lungs were going to explode.  I just kept telling myself, you’re getting closer to 52.  You’re getting closer to 52!

At one point, I got stuck behind a group of guys who were blocking my way.  After climbing that high, people tend to get a little ripe.  Yes, the guys were ripe and I was stuck behind them.  Thankfully, there was a rest station and I was able to get away from them.  Otherwise, I probably would have thrown in the white flag and asked to take the elevator the rest of the way.

Because I wanted to beat my time from last year (25:26), I didn’t stop at every rest station.  Which, I probably should have.  Other than the heavy breathing, I felt ok until about floor 48.  My right shoulder-blade started cramping up, which I thought was weird, considering I thought my leg would be the one to cramp up. So, I kept my right arm at my side the rest of the climb.  I thought – great, so close to the end and I go down from a shoulder-blade cramp!  (And where the hell were those cute fire fighters/paramedics???!)

Finally, when I saw the sign for the 51st floor – I got my second wind.  I wanted to sprint up those steps, but got stopped because there was a professional photographer taking everyone’s pictures at the top.   Great – after climbing 52 floors, 104 flights, 1,197 steps, one doesn’t exactly look fresh.  I’m sure I looked like a hot mess!  But it’s proof that I did it! I finished the Fight For Air vertical race – and I did it with some great ladies! Thank you C., T., and R.  You ladies rock and I’m so glad that we were a team!  So, who wants to do it again next year?  East Bay Fit Club is accepting new members.  =)

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Start of ChaLEAN Extreme Lean Phase

This past weekend, I bought some adjustable weights thinking I’d be able to do 12 lbs no problem.  I really want the Select Tecs that Chalene uses in the workout – but those cost about $400!  Maybe next year.

Anyway, I started the Lean Phase this week.  WOW!  I did Lean Circuit 1 Monday night.  Lots of triceps work.  I thought that I could go heavier than what I was doing on the Push Phase.  (I was lifting 10 lbs weights with no problem). I was pumped! The 10 lbs weights were easy while I was in the Push Phase.  Then I picked up the 12 lbs weights…. Whoa!  Holy crapola!  I sooooo couldn’t do the workout properly.  I had to put the weights down and go back to the 10 lbs.  I need to buy the 1 pound weights that I could add onto the adjustable weights I have.  I’m sure I could lift 11 lbs easily – at least I hope so.   Two days later, I can really feel the soreness in my triceps.  It’s not a bad thing.  I can tell I really worked the muscles.

Tonight will be Lean Circuit 2, plus Ab Burner.  We shall see how that goes.

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Cold be damned!

So I either have a cold or allergies.  I’m leaning toward a cold, because the allergy meds are not working.  I felt like crap earlier, but after watching Biggest Loser tonight, I had to workout.  Call me crazy!  I had to hit some Insanity Pure Cardio.  I know, I know – HELLO! You’re sick with a cold.  Well, surprisingly – my sinuses were clear during the intense workout.  Of course when I was done – I almost went thru half the tissue box!!

It actually felt great to workout.  We shall see how I feel tomorrow.

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My review of Shakeology

I decided to try Shakeology for the health benefits. I normally don’t eat the right amount of servings of veggies and fruit everyday. So, what a better way than to have it in one glass, disguised as a shake! That was incentive enough for me!

The first time I tried it, I made the mistake of just mixing the chocolate with water. I also did the same for Greenberry. I did not like the taste. I wondered why the hell anyone would want to drink that, especially when they could just go to Costco and buy a similar protein powder for cheap. I decided to give it a go again. This time, I blended the chocolate with peanut butter, banana, water and ice. (I didn’t use milk, because I wanted to cut down on the calories). I was surprised at how good it tasted. From that point on, I was hooked! That mix has become my breakfast 6 days a week. I love it! (I used to just hit either Peets Coffee or Starbucks most mornings and get a latte –I haven’t since I’ve been drinking Shakeology).

I’ve been drinking Shakeology now for about a month and half. (My favorite is chocolate, but I do also like the Greenberry). Who knows if it’s just pure coincidence, but my skin has cleared up! (All those healthy nutrients working to help clear out all the toxins of processed food in my system???) I’ve also noticed that I haven’t been craving any sweets like I used to. That is a huge plus in my book!

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ChaLEAN Extreme Success story

Get it here

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Insanity Success Story

Get more info on Insanity here

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Emotional Eating

So today I attended a memorial service for a great friend.  He passed away from pancreatic cancer a couple of weeks ago.  It was an emotional roller coaster sitting through the service.  At times there were funny stories and then there were the ones that felt like your heart just got ripped out of your chest.  P. was a great man and I am lucky to have been part of his circle of friends.  He was – is – like family.

At the reception, they had all of his favorite foods laid out and I had to hit all of them, including the dessert table.  I could not pass up having ice cream and tossing in a chocolate chip cookie.  After all, I thought, P. would have approved. (He LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Fentons in Oakland.  HELLO – the black & tan is to die for!)

After about an hour – I really could feel the food just sitting in my stomach.  I felt awful.  Why the hell did I do that to myself?!?!?!?!  After all this hard work and I just go and pig out like that? WTH!

I have noticed that when I get stressed, I tend to eat and I hit those comfort foods.  I really need to learn how to NOT do that.  I don’t ever want to cut anything out of my diet – because if I did – I’d do nothing but think about that particular food all the time.  I’d obsess over it.

So, tomorrow I start over with healthy eating.  I’m sure I’ve gained a couple of pounds, we shall see by end of next week how I do on the scale.  (Tho – on a good note, my jeans are still falling off my ass!!!)

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I know you’re not supposed to step on the scale everyday…

I usually weigh myself every Sunday, but on a whim I stepped on the scale this morning and I was down another pound!!!! 124.0. (6 pounds in 6 weeks!). Woo hoo!!!! A friend had suggested that I post pictures on Facebook, but I don’t think photos will show how much I’ve lost so far. I’m not one of those girls that wears form fitting clothes. But I think you can tell just by looking at my face. I usually get fat in the face and gut. My cheekbones (that are not hiding under fat) are showing!!!!! Woo hoo!!!! Ok, I know, goofy comment – but when I’ve had a fat face for a while, this is a GREAT thing!!!!

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Insanity Day 2 – Cardio Power & Resistance… I lived

I did not think that I would be able to finish this one.  But hot damn! I did! Woo Hoo!!!! Shaun T. is a genius!!!!  This is one cardio workout that is crazy.  Love the Insanity workout.  Now gotta go do some weight training with ChaLEAN Extreme.  I’ll post more later!

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