I dropped another pound!!!!!

5 pounds in 5 weeks. Holy crapola! WOW!  That’s the most I’ve lost in a long time – and that’s including when I had a stomach flu!  Woo hoo!  If I stay on track – I’ll really be at my goal weight of 115!!! OMG! How freakin’ cool is that?!  I should give myself a gift when I hit another 5 pound loss.  What should it be? Well, really it should be a new wardrobe.  As it is, my pants are falling off me now.  Last week I was running late, and I had to sprint from the parking lot to make the train – all while holding my pants up!!! My gut and my ass are much smaller and not holding my pants up… I know, I know – I should get a belt (I have one somewhere, I must find it).  Really, I need a new wardrobe for work, but I’m not going to put any money into that until I see more weight loss.

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