Take your cardio to the next level and melt fat like butter

I was able to get a preview of the new Turbo Fire HIIT 15 workout from Beachbody.  The HIIT 15 is only a 20 minute workout and let me tell you… I was pouring with sweat by the end! This was only 20 minutes!  Turbo Fire HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) was intense and I LOVED every minute of it.  I can’t wait for this program to be released on June 18.

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Hello again!

This past holiday weekend I was in Vegas. I had a great time! No, I didn’t hit the clubs in Vegas. I went to Vegas to see comedian Russell Peters do his stand up at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel. He’s extremely funny and can be sometimes raunchy. The night prior to that, I checked out the Blue Man Group show. (Note, if you ever get tickets to the show, the cheap seats are good too!!!! Unless of course, you want to sit in the first 5 rows and wear a rain poncho.)

I indulged in food and cocktails over the weekend. Hey, I was in Vegas! It was so hard to try to eat healthy. I was so worried about gaining weight that I ended up hitting the gym working out on the spin bikes and treadmill. And as luck would have it – I didn’t gain any weight! Now it’s back to reality and eating normal healthy food again. The only dessert I will be having is my daily Shakeology.

Now it’s time to focus on losing some weight and getting toned. I’ve been stagnant at 122. (My weight fluctuates 2 pounds each way.) My goal weight is 115 – but I think I can shoot for 110-112. (I’m really, really SHORT! So 110-112 is not too skinny for me). When I get down to a size 4, I will ecstatic! I’m in between a 6 and 8 right now (depending on the brand). My work clothes are big on me, but I refuse to buy any new work clothes until I hit 115. I have however bought new weekend clothes. Summer is around the corner, and I can’t wear my old summer clothes.

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