Don’t stress out about the small stuff…

Last weekend I called up a friend to see if she wanted to hang out. She didn’t sound like her usual bubbly self and I was wondering what was going on. I went on about a chick flick and asked her what she was doing for the day, she told me, in a flat voice, that her brother in law died.

I was stunned and immediately started to tear up. I asked how he died and she told me that he took his own life. The first thoughts that came to mind was, “What an asshole! How can he do that to her!!!”. “Total selfish act!”.

She told me that he had been depressed and it obviously had gotten worse recently.

Fast forward to today – I found out he was a reservist in the military.

He served at Gitmo…

Finding out that little bit of information made me change my attitude. My heart goes out to the family. My heart goes out to him. The pain he must have felt over the years from what happened while he was serving our country. No one is prepared for what they will see when they are sent to war to protect our country. We will probably never find out what happened over there either.

So, when you stress out about the little things – I missed my workout, I ate too much, I don’t have time do to anything… AAACCKK! Rethink that.

Your life is probably easy.  Don’t stress out about the small stuff…

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Apparently the shin splint still hasn’t healed

So I’ve been doing the Insanity and Turbo Kick workouts and I’ve noticed that feeling of a slight strain in my leg, as well as a strain in the back of my thigh.  I guess I didn’t let the leg heal like I should have.  That kinda sucks!  I really want to do the 2 cardio workouts because I think they’re so much fun, but I don’t want to mess up my leg any more than it is.  A shin splint can turn into a stress fracture I was told, so I guess I will lay off the intense cardio for bit.  I’m going to try some Hip Hop Abs tonight – I feel like dancing a bit so we’ll see how that goes.  I know it’s late.  I should have worked out earlier today, but I spent this morning catching up on email, FB and Twitter.

So off I go and try some Hip Hop Abs!

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I fell off the wagon last week…

I was visiting in-laws last week and yes, I did indulge in food.  Carbs – check, more carbs – check, dessert – check and check!!  Oh I put some food away that’s for sure!  I did not count calories, but I can tell you that I did feel guilty.  If I was working out, then I wouldn’t have felt that guilty.  But I didn’t work out – at all.  I was bad.  I temporarily fell off the wagon.

My flight home was uneventful, well, except the part when the plane was landing and my sinuses were KILLING me! It felt like someone was poking a pencil above my eye. Holy crap it hurt.  The entire time I was back East, I had this nagging sinus headache that wouldn’t seem to go away with any meds that I took.  Damn allergies.  I still have the annoying headache – I guess I should call up the doc and see what prescription Rx she can give me because this is getting ridiculous!

I did do cardio this afternoon – Turbo Sport 2.  It kicked my butt.  I’ve been light on cardio since having shin splints a few weeks ago.  (I didn’t want it to turn into a fracture).  After my workout this afternoon, I did feel a little ache in my leg, so I will ice it as soon as I’m done with this post.  Seriously – how long does shin splints take to full heal???!!!!

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