random thoughts

When it comes to losing weight, I have pretty much stalled.  I’ve maintained my weight at around 121 lbs – give or take 1 or 2 lbs each way.  I know it’s my “diet”!  I really love a good meal and I love a good glass of wine or cocktail. And no, I won’t give those up either, I just have remind myself that I can’t do that every day.   Going out every night? Yeah, pretty much out of the question.  Though, last week was bad.  My social calendar was full.

Highlight of last week?  Going to see The Goo Goo Dolls live at the Concord Pavilion.  Ok, ok, it’s called the Sleep Train Pavilion, but I prefer to call it Concord Pavilion.  I had never seen the Goo Goo Dolls live and they blew me away.  How the hell did I not put that band on my radar???? They sounded great live! (And it doesn’t hurt that the lead singer is hot! HELLO!!!)

Anyway, I rushed from work so that I could get to my friend’s house at a certain time.  I didn’t plan my dinner, so by the time I made it to her house I was starving!! Thankfully, she had Shakeology and I was able to have a shake for dinner. (Peanut butter, chocolate Shakeology and a banana – The. Best. Mix. Ever!)  Though – I really need to tell her that she needs a real blender and not that little Magic Bullet.  (It’s too small! You can’t fit all the fruit, ice and water into that little thing).  So, if you have a Magic Bullet – seriously upgrade.  Get a full size blender.

Trying to reach my goal weight is a tough process.  I’m halfway there now.  It’s amazing to me how I was able to lose the 12 lbs so far if I put my mind to it.  I worked hard and now I can get rid of my big clothes and buy smaller clothes!  Now, I have to work harder at it.  I really need to watch what I eat and plan out all my meals.  No one else can do this for me. It has to be me.  I also need to change up my workouts and not stick to just one workout because I will get bored.  I’ll still keep doing ChaLean Extreme – gotta lift some weights!  But instead of doing just Turbo Fire, I’ll mix it up with some Insanity and Hip Hop Hustle (Chalene’s fan dvds).

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