Are you kidding me? I can fit into a size that is TWO sizes smaller than before?!

So this past weekend I tried on some capris in a size that was two sizes smaller than what I would have worn in January.  THEY FIT! AND WERE NOT TIGHT!  Oh holy hell, I thought.  Was this mis-tagged?  Did I get a defective one?  So I had to go grab another one in the same size and try those on.  Yep – they fit!

I’ve been stepping on the scale a lot and love that I’ve been losing about a pound a week. I just never thought I’d be this close to my goal weight of 115 pounds.  Now, before you freak out and wonder how skinny does she want to be???  I’m short.  I’m only 4’11”.  My weight should be in the 105 – 115 range supposedly.  I think 105 is a bit too skinny for me.  115 is good – I’d rather have muscle definition & a flat abs than be skinny with no muscle definition.

I have yet to retake my measurements.  I’m assuming I’ve lost inches all over considering I can now take off my pants without unbuttoning them!!!!  I know, I know, it’s time to go shopping for some new clothes.  I was holding off on that.  I still have a gut though – need to really focus on that area.  The only way to do that – I need to work on my nutrition.

Well, I can’t diet.  I suck at dieting.  If I tell myself I can’t have something – I will constantly think about it.  What I have found that works for me – is to just have smaller portions.  I’ve stopped going out to lunch everyday at work.  I would hit a local Mexican place and order fish (soft) tacos.  I thought I was being healthy because it was all fresh ingredients – nothing deep-fried.  Then I found out the calorie count of the fish tacos were MORE than what I was supposed to consume in a day if I wanted to lose weight.  Oh holy hell!!!! That was an eye opener.

So I cut going out to lunch and started to bring my lunch.  I’m not very good at preparing meals to bring to work, so I usually buy frozen dinners like Safeway’s Eating Well, or Amy’s Organic frozen dinners.  I try to stick to the ones that are less than 300 calories and low in sodium, and so far it’s worked for me.  In between meals, I will have a P90x protein bar.  There are times though, that I wished I had a blender at work.  I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to make a Shakeology shake for lunch.  A chocolate peanut butter banana shake, or a chocolate cherry raspberry shake… the list goes on but those are my two absolute favorites!

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