Shin splints suck!

It’s a new week. I started having shin splints last Sunday – noticed them on one of the walks around the Miwuk neighborhood. On Tuesday, I noticed that the muscle, just below the knee felt like it had a knot that ached. And this was while sitting down! I thought, “Crap – that sucks!” I checked symptoms online and did a shout out on Twitter. “Sounds like shin splints” was the majority of all the messages. Damn! So I did more research on how to treat it. I had to rest my leg, ice it and stretch it. I’ve been resting it, icing it and stretching it – and it’s killing me that I can’t do my cardio workout.

On Saturday, I went to get a massage to get it fixed – or at least stretched out as much as possible. My massage therapist did the best she could in the time allotted. She said that my leg was so tight and she needed more time, so I’m going back sooner than later.

In the meantime, I’m still icing it and stretching it the best I can. I will workout tonight – but will only do Lean Circuit 1 and will go easy on lunges. Maybe I’ll throw in some PiYo and see if that will help.

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