I ate too much

So this past weekend was busy for me. On Saturday morning I participated in the Climb For Air vertical race (f/k/a Climb California). I’m happy to say that I beat my time from last year!! I climbed 52 floors, 104 flights of stairs, 1,197 steps all in 18 minutes 30 seconds! Boo ya! (Next year I plan on beating that time.)

The next day, around 6am, I, along with the hubby, pup, and friends, were on the way to Miwuk up in the Sierras.  One of my friend’s family owns a cabin there.

The indulgent eating began with a stop at Peet’s Coffee – before the road trip really started. I ordered a Dark Cherry Mocha – WITH whip! (Oh, so I asked for non-fat milk but really who the hell am I kidding?? It’s a freakin’ mocha!!).  I also ordered a ham and cheese croissant (but didn’t realize that the chick gave me a chocolate croissant until after we hit the open road – oh well.  Chocolate croissants are the BEST!)  One of the girls bought a bag of lemon vanilla shortbread cookies – YUMMY!!!! Oh so damn good! I’m really surprised we didn’t devour the bag in the 2 1/2 hour car ride!!!!! Last year that bag would have been empty the second I opened it!!

After about an hour, we hit the little town of Escalon and stopped for breakfast. AT. McDonalds.  Yup – you read right, at Mickey D’s. (I rarely eat fast food like that).  Everyone ordered a Mickey D’s breakfast, and my hubby went next door and ordered a breakfast sandwich that was most likely way more healthy than my msg-infused but oh so tasty breakfast.  Though, 30 minutes after eating it, I felt like I was dehydrated & bloated, like I hadn’t drank any water in hours.  (But the bloating was most likely from the the Dark Cherry Mocha I had earlier)

When we reached the cabin, we unpacked the car and decided to walk off the fast food breakfast in the neighborhood for about an hour or so.  After the walk, we drove out to the town of Twain Harte to hit their grocery store since we needed stuff for snacks before dinner.

What did we buy? A block of Irish Whiskey Cheddar for the hell of it, a bottle of Habanero tequila infused olive oil (for dinner– that oil has a KICK), bread, crackers, and many other cheeses.

The Irish Whiskey Cheddar is SO DAMN GOOD!!!!! OH.MY.GAWD.  I have to find out the name of it, so that I can find it here at home.  (But maybe it’s a good thing that Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell it here)

What did we munch on for snacks before dinner?  All the cheeses, apples and caramel sauce – which after looking at the calorie info – 100 calories per teaspoon… So how many apple slices, dunked in caramel sauce was eaten?  A lot… Calories in one glass of wine? Calories in cheese slices?  Forget it – most likely blew the calorie allowance for the day in one sitting!!!!  And that’s before dinner.

For dinner we had carnitas and a Mexican salad.  We should have had margaritas too, but instead we finished off three bottles of reds.  (We love to drink wine).

Breakfast the next day – pancakes, fruit, eggs, bacon and real maple syrup.  Lunch was all about eating the leftover carnitas and the rest of the cheese and crackers.

I know I ate more calories than I should have though.

We did do some hiking/walking around – so some calories were burned off – but that was probably the equivalent of what I ate for breakfast!!!   I have a lot of work ahead of me to loose the pounds I gained since last weekend and this week.  I have to lay off cardio since I possibly have shin splints in my left leg and it’s killing me not doing the Insanity workout!!!

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