Unintended day off…

So I’m temporarily down for the count.  I caught the cold/flu that has been going around work and home.  I tried to do some TK this morning, but was a bit weak… so I thought it was better to just take the day off from working out and let myself rest.  I pretty much slept/lounged on the couch all day watching HGTV.  (I really feel the need to redecorate now…)  I’ve gone through 2 boxes of Kleenex tissues already. (Am wondering if I should invest in stock in Kleenex during cold/flu season?)  Oh — you MUST get the one with aloe!! Your nose will love you for that!

Anyway, I’m a bit better now (attribute that to Shakeology???), at least enough to sit at my desk and update this blog.

Tomorrow marks the start of week #4 in my pursuit of finally getting fit!!  I’d have to say that I really love working out to the ChaLEAN Extreme dvds and Turbo dvds – Chalene Johnson makes it fun.  I’m down 3 pounds so far.  It’s not Biggest Loser numbers, but it’s good enough for me – a pound a week.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have weight loss like the Biggest Loser contestants?!  I could lose these stubborn 15 pounds in week!!  If only…  =)  But this is the real world.

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