Trying not to pig out

The past couple of days, I’ve been pretty good about watching what I eat – portion-wise.  That has pretty much been my problem.  I CAN EAT.  And I can eat fast.  It’s a bad habit I have to break.  Plus, I have to stop going out to eat at lunch.  I need to find recipes for different brown bag lunches. Brown bag lunches that I could get excited about. Usually what would happens is if I bring lunch, by the time lunch comes around, I DON’T want to eat what I brought from home. I’d rather go out to eat. Do you have any fave brown bag lunches you like to make?
I’d like recipes please!! Thanks!!!

New habit, I have made myself drink a protein shake every morning.  I don’t have Shakeology at the moment, so I am using Wellements – the vanilla crème one.  It’s pretty good when I mix it with just fruit and ice!  Especially when I use bananas!  It comes out like a creamy banana milkshake! YUMMY!!! That’s a good way to start my morning. I have thought about getting the Magic Bullet – so that I could make a shake in the afternoon at work, but I think that’s a lil overkill. Plus, that could get expensive.
Anyway- if you have any fave protein shake recipes let me know!!

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