Mixing it up with ChaLEAN Extreme and Turbo Kick

I have to say that I really love Turbo Kick. This is the first cardio workout where I don’t look at the clock and wonder if I’m almost done. Thank you Chalene for making working out fun again!!!! I actually have some of the songs she uses in TK running through my head during the day! I especially like the song she uses during Recovery in TK Round 32. That’s got a cool groove. (I wish she sold the cds for that! I could put it on my iPod and use it as my walking soundtrack– so Chalene, if you’re reading this, hint hint!)

Today I was on the website and was checking out the turbo wear – if I had the cash, I’d be buying new workout clothes left and right! Love some of the designs!!! (Just a lil’ obsessed!!)

Speaking of obsessed… I bought a new pair of workout shoes– yep, had to get some Nike shox, just to see what all the hubbub was about. (Had to get new shoes anyway, my shoes I have now were making my toes go numb during TK!  And they’re not tight at all!) What’s your fave x-training shoe?

Anyway, I decided that if I really wanted to get my ass in gear, I would need to mix the ChaLEAN Extreme routine and Turbo Kick together.

My schedule is going to be:
Sunday: Turbo Kick
Monday: CLX
Tuesday: OFF (gotta watch Biggest Loser)
Wednesday: CLX
Thursday: Turbo Kick
Friday: CLX
Saturday: Turbo Kick

I think that’s a good schedule and I believe I can stick to it.

All my workouts will be at night – which is easier for me, schedule-wise. I’ve tried getting up early, but that just hasn’t worked very well. It would be nice if I didn’t have to be at work until 10am, but alas no. I’m a corporate chick, so I have to be at my desk by 9am.

Well — it’s time for the Monday night workout!

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  1. Hey! I started Turbo Kick at the beginning of the year and I am so addicted!! I LOVE Chalene and her energy. I started CX today and loved it. I can’t believe how this one woman is changing my life!

    For CX, on the cardio days, can you do Turbo Kick instead of the cardio she provides or do you do the cardio from CX and ADD Turbo Kick? I’m kind of confused and want to make sure I get the most out of this program.

    I also ordered Shakeology even thought it is $$. I hope it helps. have you tried it?

    Would love to hear about your progress! Keep posting…

    • I would love for you to follow my progress!!!! It keeps me accountable. You can do Turbo Kick instead of the cardio that CX has. Or you can be crazy and do both… but you may burn yourself out if you do the CX cardio AND TK in the same night. =) I found that I really love doing Turbo Kick, so I stick to that as my cardio. As for Shakeology – I LOVE IT!!!! (If you don’t have a Beachbody coach, I’m one – it’s another thing to keep me accountable and make sure I stick to my plan. http://www.beachbodycoach.com/travelgirl007) My fave shakeology recipe so far is blending chocolate, peanut butter & banana. I don’t think I can get tired of that one because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE chocolate.

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