Bad start…

So much for trying to be healthy today.  I broke all the rules. For breakfast I had a venti skinny vanilla latte – that’s it.  I got so busy at work that I forgot to eat breakfast.

By the time lunch came around, I was starving! What did I get?  I hit a french bistro and ordered a croque monsier and french onion soup!  To top it off, there was cake at work, so I had a slice!!  I’m sure I hit the equivalent of 3 days worth of calories in one sitting.

As of now, I feel like a bloated beached whale.  I totally regret eating all that food, but I can’t change the past.  I know that tonight I will have to seriously workout to burn some calories. Wish I could my elliptical machine in front of my TV, then I could workout while watching TV.   But really, I just need to focus and get my lazy ass on to the elliptical machine.  Or do one of the many workout DVDs I have.  It’s gonna be a late night…

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The first 15 pounds

I have heard that some people have found it hard to lose the last 15 pounds.  Well in my case, it’s the first 15.  For years, I have tried to lose the first 15 pounds.  I haven’t been successful.  Why?  Hell, I love to eat and I can get lazy when it comes to watching what I eat and working out consistently.

So I decided to start a blog that chronicled my weight loss.  I’m sure this blog will drown in the sea of millions of other weight loss blogs out there.  This blog may not be as funny as some or even that exciting.  I don’t have that much to lose really.  Just 15 pounds at the most.

That may not sound like much, but I’m only 4’11” and I fluctuate from 128-130.  According to the AMA, for my height, I should be in the range of 101-123.   101???!!!!  Are you freaking kidding me?  I’d look emaciated.  I think 115 would be better.

So here I am.  Let my blogging life begin!   (Now if only I could attach a laptop to a treadmill, I’d be good to go!!!!)

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